Purebag - PACK 6 MONTHS

26 bags of 25L or 36L

The Pure Bag Discovery Pack is ideal to test our guaranteed paper bags without plastic and choose the size best suited to your use.
It contains 2 Pure Bag 36 liter bags and 3 Pure Bag 25 liter bags. Pure Bags are patented and moisture resistant for easy daily use.
Pure Bag's unique recipe is the combination of paper and vegetable oil (not produced from palm oil production), both produced sustainably in France

Paper grammage: 120g/m²

Pure Bag 25L: opening=300mm; height=630mm; width=170mm
Pure Bag 36L: opening=370mm; height=690mm; width=160mm

User manual

Pure Bag replaces your usual garbage bag. However, some small adaptations are required!
It is important to keep in mind that even if your Pure Bag is moisture resistant, it is still made of paper. Therefore, never pour liquid contents into your Pure Bag. If you ever use a lot of wet food (tomatoes, watermelon...), think about putting some sawdust or a dry absorbent food at the bottom of your bag first!
Finally, always think that the more air the bag is aerated, the stronger it will be and the more resistant to humidity.
The ideal being a well ventilated container (mesh bin, laundry basket.... anything can be reused!).

Here is now an example of how to use your Pure Bag

  • Open your paper bag
  • Adapt it to the container (do not hesitate to handle it well, it is solid. If it is too big or too high, remember that it is made of paper, so you can cut it out !)
  • Don't fill it up to the top so you can close it again by rolling it
  • If your bag is not too wet, you can take it as it is to your garbage can or composter. If it is ever wet, you can take it directly into its container !

It is advisable to empty your bio-waste bag regularly to avoid it being too wet and tearing at the bottom (once a week to once every two weeks).


"For my part, I practice zero waste every day and so I installed a composter at the bottom of my garden. I use Pure Bag for my bio-waste (being vegan, I don't have any leftover meat, dairy products, etc... So all my cooking can end up in my composter!). I don't have a special bin for my Pure Bag. The latter being very solid, it stands alone. So I put it in my garage, in a supermarket shopping bag that was already dirty and that I was no longer using. This allows the bag to be completely ventilated and is therefore more solid. Placed there, I have no midges in my kitchen and never any smell! I empty it once every two weeks in my composter. ".


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Purebag - PACK 6 MONTHS

26 bags of 25L or 36L

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