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Why use a bag Pure Bag rather than another?


The bag Pure Bag is to date the only ecological solution to sort your bio-waste.

In fact, another "compostable" alternative has been available for some time to replace the single-use plastic bag, and it is the so-called "starch" bag. The latter is composed on average of 30-40% starch and 60-70% plastic called Polymer. So when you compost it, the plastic ends up in micro-particles in the soil. It is therefore not a viable solution for the respect of the environment. Finally, since this "starch" bag is mainly made of plastic, the latter is not methanizable and is therefore a residual waste in the same way as a plastic bag.

Use Pure Bag will allow you to have in your kitchen a special garbage bag for your bio-waste, moisture resistant and fully compostable or methanizable. If you already use a compost bin at home, using a Pure Bag bag will save you the hassle of having to clean this bin completely every time you empty it. A simple drying process will suffice before putting your new bag in the container.


Although Pure Bagwas first designed to receive your bio-waste, it is important to know that in your garbage can for "household waste", you can also use a Pure Bag rather than your usual black plastic garbage bag.


Because today, 10 million tonnes of residual waste (household waste remaining after sorting) are buried each year in France. This burial in the ground creates unnecessary additional pollution because it is essentially composed of garbage bags.

By replacing your usual bag with a Pure Bag, you limit your ecological impact to a minimum.