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How to use Pure Bag ?

Pure Bag is a resistant paper bag, however, it is not invincible because of its biodegradability !

Use for bio-waste

To use Pure Bag, start by unfolding it completely. Place it in the container (compost bin, bin, holder...). Ideally, the container should be ventilated to allow the bag not to store moisture!

Fill Pure Bag with your bio-waste (coffee grounds, peelings, leftovers from meals, tea bags, used tissues, sawdust, stale bread, green waste...). Be careful, however, to remove the wet products from their water by first wringing them out (e.g. tea bag, coffee grounds).

We recommend using it for a maximum of 1 week, so that your Pure Bagdoes not tear when emptying. You can add a little sawdust or litter to the bottom of the bag to avoid tearing when using very moist foods (tomatoes, juicy fruit...). Do not fill your Pure Bagup! This will allow you to fold the top of the bag to close it.

Finally, take your bag in its container and pour it into the container/composer/ etc.

Use for the garbage can

In order to reduce plastic pollution, whether you sort your bio-waste or not, you can also use Pure Bag instead of your black bin bag, in the same way you already use it.

The majority of residual household waste is now buried in France. Thus, by using Pure Bag instead of your usual bag, you allow the burial of non-polluting waste.