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Why sort my bio-waste?

Today, ecological issues are more important than ever. The European Union and the French government are proposing reforms and solutions to make slow progress. Sometimes too gently.

However, it should be noted that, on the one hand, all companies producing mass bio-waste are now obliged to revalue this bio-waste.

On the other hand, the Energy Transition for Green Growth Act, adopted in August 2015, contains provisions on sorting [...] :

->- ->- deploy incentive pricing for the collection of household and similar waste, i.e. introduce a variable part in the household waste collection tax to reward good sorters (target: 15 million inhabitants covered in 2020, 25 million in 2025, against 5 million in 2015)* ;

In this way, it will very soon be an obligation for all of us to recycle our bio-waste. While some have already been doing so for several years, for others, it is a whole new adventure. A new simple everyday gesture, just as the sorting of glass and recyclable waste has become.

Why not start now?